About DogsHome

DogsHome isn’t like other shelters.

We won’t be satisfied just offering dogs a place where they can exist. Regardless of a dog’s age, breed, size, appearance, history or condition, we want them to know what it’s like to live without fear or uncertainty, and to experience the joys of chasing a ball, snuggling next to someone for a belly rub, and wagging their tails just because they’re happy.

Our mission is simple: To provide homeless dogs with shelter, quality care, training, re-homing and lifetime support.

Our vision is to always put the needs of the animals first by providing:

  • Homeless dogs with a safe, secure, loving environment for as long as needed
  • Homeless dogs with behavioral, medical and/or rehabilitative care
  • House-training, leash walking and social skills needed to be a good pet
  • Successful matches for both dogs and people through adoption, foster and rescue
  • Advice, help and training as needed

At DogsHome, we are committed to putting the needs of the animals first. Every. Single. Time.


2016 Revenue

  • $27,441 (95%): Contributions
  • $1,500 (5%): Grants
  • Total revenue: $28,941

2016 Expenses

  • $19,535 (86%): Dog-related services
  • $1,886 (8%): Fundraising
  • $1,369 (6%): Administrative
  • Total expenses: $22,790

To contact us, please send an email to: ContactUs@DogsHomePA.org

Find out more about DogsHome, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, by clicking here.