Dog Trivia

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If a dog yawns when you reach over to pet him, he’s most likely trying to tell you:
a) I’m kind of tired right now.
b) This isn’t very exciting.
c) I really like you.
d) I wish you’d stop petting me.

The correct answer is D — and congratulations to Danielle Loring!

Dogs may yawn when tired, but generally when a dog yawns in an out-of-context situation, he’s feeling unsure and a little concerned. You might see this when petting a dog, hugging a dog, when a strange dog approaches, etc. Best bet when you see this is to give the dog space.



We all know a dog’s sense of smell is far better than ours — but how much better?

If we make an analogy to our vision, it’d be like saying what we’re able to see at one-third of a mile, a dog would be able to see clearly more than:

a) 3 miles away
b) 30 miles away
c) 300 miles away
d) 3,000 miles away

The correct answer is D! If we compare a dog’s sense of smell to a human’s in terms of vision, it would be as if what we can see clearly at one-third of a mile, a dog can see at 3,000 miles! That’s some talented nose!

Congratulations to the winner, Blair Grillo!








What percent of people sign their pet’s name on greeting cards?
A) 10%
B) 30%
C) 50%
D) 70%

The correct answer is D! (Are you really surprised?!) And Daryl Fasig is on a roll, once again coming up with the correct answer!

It seems 70% of people sign their pet’s name on greeting cards, and 58% make sure their pets are included in family and holiday photos.

And a whopping 79% say they have more photos of their pet than of their significant other! But again … are you really surprised?


dog on beach







Through which body part do dogs sweat?
a) Ears
b) Mouth
c) Paws
d) Dogs don’t sweat

And the correct answer (and winner) is …

“C” — paws.

And the first correct response was given by Daryl Fasig! Congratulations!

Dogs release most of their excess body heat by panting through their mouths.

But they DO have a small number of sweat glands, and these are mainly in their paw pads. So if your dog likes to lie on the cool tile in your house, you may occasionally see some wet footprints from where his feet were!