Come Join Us!

Come join us at the Family Pet Show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks! Check out the amazing dog competitions, get up close and personal with an alpaca, enjoy the guinea pig agility course (could we make this up?!), and learn about various species of birds … and […]


In Memory Of BooBoo

Some dogs touch your life in a way that keeps them in your heart forever. BooBoo was one of those dogs. We first got to know her when she’d been sitting in a shelter for more than six months, watching visitors walk past without seeing her, or hurrying away in fright as she barked and […]


5 Great Foods To Add To Your Dog’s Kibble

Variety is the spice of life – for us and our dogs! Go ahead and make mealtime even more enjoyable for your dog by trying one of these ideas recommended by Whole Dog Journal. Just remember: When adding extra food, cut down on the amount of dry food so you’re not overfeeding your dog. Here […]


Pottstown Pet Fair 2016!

Even the mascot fell in love with gentle Ricky at yesterday’s Pottstown Pet Fair! Take a look at the amazing day our dogs had …              

thunder dog

Is Your Dog Afraid Of Thunder?

Saturday night we slept in the tent, the Border Collies on their sheepskin rugs, and Tootsie in bed with us as usual. It was a lovely night, until it wasn’t. Somewhere around dark-thirty the wind came up, lightening lit up the sky and the thunder began to roll. When Tootsie first came to us years […]

zoey closeup

Puppy Love!

What is it about puppies? We all know they’re a lot of work and yet, one touch of their soft puppy fur or whiff of their sweet puppy breath, and we forget everything except how incredibly cute they are! And have we got a puppy for you! Zoey is just shy of seven months and […]


Harness Vs. Collar: Which Should You Use?

Harness or collar? Find out what’s best for your dog. It’s always a smart idea to be knowledgeable on all things related to dog health. Let’s look at some comparisons between collars and harnesses, so you can choose the best option. Harness Pros: – It’s an effective training tool, especially for puppies. – Harnesses are […]


How To Take Great Photos Of Your Dog

If you’re the average dog lover, you think your pooch could out-pose even those silky Weimaraners in the picture books. But if you’re the average amateur dog photographer, your photos never match the athleticism, humor, or outrageous cuteness of the real thing. We asked pet photographer Mark Rogers, who immortalized our office dogs here, for […]

lady vet, herman walk, cocoa jr farm markt 131

50 Shades of … Cocoa!

OK, not quite 50. But we’re desperately looking for a new home for little Cocoa because she needs to be somewhere cat-less. She’s a tiny, 7-year-old girl who gets along so well with kids and other dogs – she’s lived with both. Her current fosters love her dearly but they have a cat (as well […]

dog mountain

Making Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Get Lost!

A friend of ours recently went to Colorado on vacation … only to have it turn into a nightmare when her dog disappeared for three days in the mountains. How this little dog survived is anyone’s guess. (Think rattlesnakes, coyotes, mountain lions, etc.) Fortunately, she was found – terrified and severely dehydrated, but alive. This […]