Come Join Us!

Come join us at the Family Pet Show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks! Check out the amazing dog competitions, get up close and personal with an alpaca, enjoy the guinea pig agility course (could we make this up?!), and learn about various species of birds … and […]

In Memory Of BooBoo

Some dogs touch your life in a way that keeps them in your heart forever. BooBoo was one of those dogs. We first got to know her when she’d been sitting in a shelter for more than six months, watching visitors walk past without seeing her, or hurrying away in fright as she barked and […]

Pottstown Pet Fair 2016!

Even the mascot fell in love with gentle Ricky at yesterday’s Pottstown Pet Fair! Take a look at the amazing day our dogs had …              

Puppy Love!

What is it about puppies? We all know they’re a lot of work and yet, one touch of their soft puppy fur or whiff of their sweet puppy breath, and we forget everything except how incredibly cute they are! And have we got a puppy for you! Zoey is just shy of seven months and […]

50 Shades of … Cocoa!

OK, not quite 50. But we’re desperately looking for a new home for little Cocoa because she needs to be somewhere cat-less. She’s a tiny, 7-year-old girl who gets along so well with kids and other dogs – she’s lived with both. Her current fosters love her dearly but they have a cat (as well […]

We Hope You’ll Come – And Bring A Friend!

You’re all invited to a wonderful brunch on Sunday, June 26 from 11-2 at the beautiful Malvern home of one of our team members. And please bring a friend! This brunch makes us think of a similar event we held a little over a year ago. We called it a “friend-raiser” and wanted to introduce […]

To Hug … Or Not To Hug?

We like to hug. As humans, and actually as primates, it’s just something that’s hard-wired in us. If we like you, if we’re happy, if we need – or want to give – comfort, we hug. Naturally, we extend that behavior toward our dogs. But more than a few articles have been written suggesting that dogs […]

The Silent Killer – And How To Prevent It

It’s a word that strikes fear into anyone who has a dog: Bloat. Technically called gastric dilatation and volvulus, bloat can affect up to 60,000 dogs in the U.S. every year, with as many as 33% of them dying from it, according to a 1996 study. At greatest risk are deep-chested large breeds, such as […]

For Love of a Dog

My sunshine doesn’t come from the skies, It comes from the love in my dog’s eyes. Unknown Poet

Quiz: Are You A Dog Or Cat Person?

You’ve had dogs all your life and would swear to anyone that you’re a dog person … but are you? Take this quick quiz, and find out for sure! Just select the best answer to each question below: 1. How do you like spending time when you’re home alone? a. I’m usually curled up on […]