Puppy Love!

zoey closeup

What is it about puppies?

We all know they’re a lot of work and yet, one touch of their soft puppy fur or whiff of their sweet puppy breath, and we forget everything except how incredibly cute they are!

And have we got a puppy for you!

jane 107

Zoey is just shy of seven months and wrote the book on sweet.

There’s not a mean bone in her adorably sleek body, and she’s only too happy to run at breakneck speed with another dog, or wrap herself around you for some serious cuddles.

ginger tumor, ginny house zoey 074

And don’t forget kids – she loves them, too! (Although she hasn’t met any cats yet, we have a pretty good feeling that she’ll get along with them just fine.)

ginger tumor, ginny house zoey 063

As for her breed, our best guess based on appearance (which doesn’t necessarily tell you the whole story) is Border Collie, Hound and maybe a tiny bit of Lab?

jane 017

In all truth, we don’t know and we really don’t care. You won’t either … once you meet her!

Zoey is smart, playful, affectionate and doing beautifully with her training. Fill out an adoption application today to schedule a meet-and-greet with this awesome young girl!

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